Steve Gilligan



As our lives progress, we see ourselves on a path with similarities to the people who came before us. Despite a belief that our lives are unique and our thoughts our own, in so many ways they converge with those people around us who we have often perceived as being different from ourselves. 

As life’s experience grows, this convergence manifests in small nuisance.  Yet, over time, comes recognition that our beliefs and behaviours are not so far removed from others. Have you ever found yourself thinking, with trepidation, “Oh my God, I sound just like my Father”? 

This work explores the relationship of a father and son at a time when thoughts of mortality are prevalent. It reflects the past though views of personal objects that hold the patterns and behaviour of daily life. It portrays the passage of one generation into another and the inescapable product of time. 

It tells a story of the nature of being.

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