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From the drama of the courtroom and the comfort of my office, to the vibrant, polluted streets of Kathmandu and the breathtaking Himalayan mountain range in Nepal - that is where my photography journey has recently taken me. 

While I also do portraiture, weddings, travel photography, and fine art images, the humanitarian work that I am currently doing while travelling, fills my soul and my passion for justice.

Never being able to subdue my innate desire to help the vulnerable, I have found my camera to be an effective tool to advocate for injustices against them. This is a common theme for me as a photographer with a background in law, not only in my fine art imagery, but in my social documentary work. 

In December 2018 I travelled to Nepal as a Photographer Without Borders ambassador to assist a survivor-led human trafficking organization dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating women and child victims. I am no stranger to dealing with trauma and victims, but I am always moved and changed by every individual and every story. The people I encountered in Nepal have affected me forever and I hope I have done the same for them.

I welcome you to see through my lens where I have been - to see what I have seen - to envision what I have yet to see - as my journey to Nepal will continue in December 2019. 

For all the brave women and children struggling to survive and thrive, and for all of the men and women fighting the odds to help them, my exhibit for Focus on Simcoe Photography Festival this year is dedicated to them. Accordingly, all proceeds from any sales or donations at my reception or during the exhibit will benefit the human trafficking organization, SASANE .

- Kim Annand

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