Kim Annand



A never-ending case of wanderlust fuels my lifelong passion for traveling the globe, learning about new places and cultures. I am constantly awestruck by the beauty of our world and all that I have yet to explore. Armed with my camera I started to see things I would not have otherwise discovered. I started capturing them to remind me of those special moments and to hopefully portray them in such a way that others could feel as if they were there too.

I have recently taken an interest in art history and am moved by classical paintings, particularly from the Renaissance period. 

I plan to expand on a number of my other works, including my ape/anthropocentric series, monochrome, and Renaissance paintings, all while exploring my travel photography. I look forward to a varied creative future and welcoming others into my world.

Contact info


Instagram: @kannand_photography

Cell: (705) 796-2529


89 Bayfield St, Barrie, ON   L4M 3A7

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 Reception: Thursday, June 7th  7:00pm - 10:00pm 

Cash bar, light snacks courtesy of Michael & Marions