John Jacquemain




A graduate of the University of Toronto in Sociology and Ryerson University in Still Photography, Jacquemain has combined this background as a full time professor at both Georgian (1985-2011) and Canadore (1972-1982) Colleges.

Jacquemain’s primary interest in photography has long been in Social Documentary and Environment Portraiture. These best serve to illustrate life and circumstances in various cultures which complements Jacquemain’s early training in Sociology. Street Photography provides an addition means to illustrate contemporary life.

Blending of images into “composites” has provided a means for Jacquemain to create narratives or “capsules of life” in the form of Fine Art Images.

The works of the Depression era photographers like Walker Evans, Dorothea Lange and later W. Eugene Smith have always inspired Jacquemain to consider the “Human Condition”.

Canadian photographer Freeman Patterson first introduced Jacquemain to colour photography and became a major influence on his teaching and photographic career. Committed to excellence in both craftsmanship and design he was an excellent mentor.  One of the major insights from Patterson is that "the camera points both ways". Each image tells us as much about the photographer as about the subject itself.

Photography intersects with time in various way. Most obviously the photograph captures a moment in time and maintains that instance indefinitely. As Jacquemain wrote as a student at Ryerson:

"...the still photograph can serve as a landmark which not only stimulates recall, but also generalizes to more than the one specific event portrayed.

The photograph as a stimulus can also encapsulate a person, event or even a time period. Churchill is remembered through Karsh's eyes, Babe Ruth is immortalized by Nat Fein's prizewinning photograph. Walker Evans' "Meal Time" ...summarizes the Depression."

In short, it is these characteristics of photography which continue to excite Jacquemain as part of a tradition much greater than himself.

Jacquemain is a member of the Print Group, which is an informal gathering of photographers who meet monthly. They share a common interest in exploration of creative approaches to Photography and the Printed Photograph.

-  John Jacquemain 


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