Ian G. McIntosh

"Barrie Perspectives"


 I love creating images from the world around me. Whether it’s something very tiny, very large or somewhere in between, whether it’s living or inanimate, I want to show beauty, frozen in time.

The fleeting moment of when the camera’s shutter may be compressed to a fraction of a millisecond, or extended to half a minute or more. My camera may be anchored in place, or moving. These variations help my images “move” through time. Pieces that I create of music seem to vibrate with sound. Sunsets dance round the frame.

In editing my photos, I may choose to maintain realism or decide to turn the image into a base for what would be considered as a painting. The image tells me what it wants to be while I’m

working on it. I channel its energy to let it guide me to its final state.

Printing images myself allows me to have the final say in the presentation. I have a variety of canvases and papers that give my images textures that I may not have considered without that creative control. I hand brush a varnish finish to give the effect that my works could be paintings.

There is nothing like seeing a finished print hanging on a wall.

Barrie Perspectives highlight’s my love of the local landscape, especially early in the morning. I love capturing the early morning light as the sun rises over Kempenfelt Bay and various locations around the city.


11 Victoria Street, Unit B1, Barrie, ON L4N 3A3