David Porteus

Focus on Nature


For as long as I can remember, I’ve been interested in photography. My dad & both my older brothers had decent cameras, and I can remember being really excited when my twin brother & I got our first instamatic cameras when we were kids. In my teens I had a 35mm fixed-lens camera, kind of a hybrid between an instamatic & a REAL camera! I bought myself a Ricoh KR-10, 35mm camera for a college graduation present & soon after, my first telephoto lens. I can still tell you the very first shots I took with that lens! 

I’ve also always had a deep affinity with nature. I grew up in the south end of St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada and spent MANY happy hours wandering the woods & fields of the Niagara Escarpment & the 12-Mile-Creek valley. 

So, it was inevitable that these two loves would meld, and I’d end up (primarily, anyway!) a wildlife & landscape photographer. Being out in nature is a spiritual, energizing & rejuvenating experience for me. I love being in the forests & on the lakes & rivers. I have a particular love for, & connection to, Algonquin Provincial Park, for no reason I have ever defined. Many of my shots & much of my “outdoor” time is spent there. 

I photograph what moves me, what captures my attention for whatever reason. What I love is to try to capture that emotional response in my photographs, freeze that fraction of a second of wonder, surprise, excitement or enjoyment. The technical considerations come second to the “eye” for a picture!

Of course, often viewers’ experiences & perceptions will provoke a different response to a photograph than mine. So, sometimes the photos I think are the best aren’t the ones OTHERS think are the best. They don’t have that same emotional attachment. And that, too is endlessly fascinating.  

- David Porteus


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