David Kennedy



  David Kennedy is an environmentalist and a photographer. He enjoys nature and landscape photography, in both rural and urban environments. His perspectives range from documentary to impressionist. 

All his creations transcend the everyday experience and enable us to see the beauty in the world around us from the smallest details to the grandest vistas. His recent works focus on the timeless and universal elements of the world around us. Wherever the photo was taken, it is the spirit of the subject that is speaking.

He continues to explore new areas of photography and experiment with new techniques and themes, such as abstract, minimalist, infrared and impressionistic.

For this show he is presenting new work, focusing on the convergence of shape and form in the urban environment. These photos highlight the coming together of photography, modern architecture and abstract art. 

Kennedy is a member of the Print Group which is an informal gathering of photographers that meet monthly. They share a common interest exploring creative approaches to photography and creating printed photographs. 

Last year he participated in the Coldwater and Area Studio Tour (June 23-24), the Collingwood Art Crawl (September 22) and the Double Door Gallery (November).

Previously, he participated in the Seven Up show at the Double Door Gallery and Collingwood Art Crawl.  He was also a participant the Images Studio Tour in 2014 and 2016.

Kennedy is actively involved in conservation.  He was on the board of the Couchiching Conservancy and led photo workshops for the Carden Nature Festival.  Currently, he is the President of the Copeland Forest Friends Association, a non-profit corporation dedicated to the stewardship of the Copeland Forest.

His prints are created to the highest standards on archival photographic paper and ink.

- David Kennedy


    4004 Horseshoe Valley Rd, Anten Mills, ON,  L9X 1A9

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