Christine Mack



Christine Mack has always been an outsider. Someone that reveals to the rest of us things we just don’t see on our own. Through her combination of passion for the medium of photography and the desire to explore experimental imagery Mack has shown us a unique view of the world.

A career as a photo educator and fine artist has given her the skill to make photographs that are very personal but also very universal. 

For the artist the process of creating can come from many sources. For Mack it comes from a deep desire to capture the mysteries found in ordinary subjects, whether they are urban, rural, or portraits of the people she encounters.

Her life has been immersed in photography through the work she chose, the partner she married and the traveling she has pursued.

This show of colour prints is an exploration taking us down the back alleyways of Savannah, Georgia where beauty and mystery can be found in the history of pipes, doors and walls converging together and changing over time.

- Christine Mack


 4004 Horseshoe Valley Rd, Anten Mills, ON,  L9X 1A9

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 Reception: Saturday June 15, 12 – 4 pm