Bryan Harris

"Men at Work"


My exhibit is entitled Men at Work because it centres around two individuals - each running their respective small businesses in Barrie's Downtown Core. I'm so thankful for the support of Vintage Throne Barber Lounge and Barrie Bean Counter (BBC) who have been more than helpful in working with me to tell the story of each of their respective establishments - through the tools of my eye and of visual photography. 

For this exhibit, we agreed to photo shoot dates in April and May,  with photo exhibit dates: June 1 - June 30, 2018. We have been working on the stories each proprietor wishes to tell, in a way that best represents each, and how they each express themselves, through their work and the gifts they share with the people of Barrie. 


* Storytelling, through black & white photography with a simultaneous bent toward the historical, in the present moment. 

I applaud the City for supporting entrepreneurs and the men and women who pursue their passions and contribute their unique gifts back to this city, in meaningful ways. I love hearing and seeing stories through video or photo media, and this exhibit is an attempt to tell a story of how each of these entrepreneurs engages with their clients, the services they provide with a different perspective through the lens of Bryan Harris.


Thank you Focus on Simcoe. 


 64 Dunlop St.W, Barrie,  L4N 1A4