Bryan Harris

"Men at Work"


I love this growing City! 

My family owned and operated Harris Flowers of Barrie from 1918 to 1966, at which time my father (Arthur "Art" Harris) sold the flower shop and invested in his new venture. This investment - 'The United Flowers-By-Wire Service Ltd.' - an international venture - ultimately contributed to what would be today's worldwide flower delivery service. 

Perhaps that's how my need for artistic, creative, precision-based entrepreneurial work was born. Today, I'm thankful for this opportunity to pursue such work. 

I attended Georgian and Humber Colleges, and more recently Toronto Film School. I am now entering a new chapter in my life with the start of my very own videography, photography and filmmaking sole proprietorship. I'm a total 'gear head' with a technical, detail-oriented gadget-centric mind - who loves technology as one of many tools to express my artistic vision. With lifelong experiences in multimedia, and now with today's current, open-ended technology changes, I'm able to blend my love for video and photography with the arts, through movie making.

On the pragmatic side of life, I am a 'videographer-photographer for hire' - regularly engaging with realtors, commercial businesses, and video-editorial productions. I'm here to tell a compelling visual story - through visually stunning images and the highest production value possible - unique productions that tell your story.

I'm hopeful that you will experience your view of the world through these eyes, a new stimulus to showcase 'You' in your authentic self and your own 'Life Brand.' 


49 Dunlop St E, Barrie, ON L4M 1A2