Bob Dudley

"The colours of Barrie and Cuba"


Bob has owned cameras for most of his adult life, starting with a Canon 35mm SLR. However, he did not pursue photography as a hobby until about 6-7  years ago after he migrated to digital photography. 

Bob joined the Barrie Photo Club   about 5 years ago so he could further his skills and art through contact with   more experienced photographers. He is currently the VP of the club. He   readily admits that does not in itself make him a better photographer, but it certainly gets him involved with others who help him improve.

He considers himself a generalist who enjoys all types of photography, but     prefers landscape and architecture. 

Bob recently helped put on a one day seminar for the BPC with Richard Martin       as the guest speaker. He realized that some of his work was somewhat       similar to and sort of in the style of some of Richard's work. Bob hopes to use Richard as another source of inspiration to improve his own work and style.

Bob has never shown his work before so this is new territory for him, but he hopes it challenges him to keep improving.


 137 Dunlop St E, Barrie, ON   L4M 1A4