Audrey Wood

Focus on Nature


My father and daughter have always been the ones interested in taking pictures. Myself, I was to busy to slow down and admire what was around me. That was until 2015 when my dad gave me one of his old cameras after he upgraded to a better one.

This led me into a whole new area in my life. I have always loved to travel. While travelling I ran into someone who introduced me to a wonderful photographer from New Zealand who did photography trips of the beaten path. Right up my alley.

At first I truly only knew how to point and shoot. While travelling with this group of photographers they taught me how to use the camera to get the best photos. Wow! This was amazing. I enjoy all types of photography.

Photography has taught me to live in the moment and appreciate what is around me. Now I look sideways, behind me and in front of me. I have learned to slow down and appreciate the people, places and the world we live in.

- Audrey Wood

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